Why Us?

Our Mission:
To inspire, motivate and empower people in the workplace and to help companies release the potential in their staff.

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Activities by Invitation2Murder are designed to motivate people to perform at their best, both individually and as team players. They discover that the assets of trust, cooperation, collaboration and communication are the key to a teamโ€™s success. Our exercises encourage all members to work together for a common cause.

โ€‹Therefore, our industry leading approach provides structured and compelling team experiences. This allows companies to compete more effectively by enabling staff at all levels to work as true team players.

We will help you select a package that fits your goals and budget perfectly. From day one, we will organise all the event details between you, the venue, and any other staff who will be involved.

โ€‹โ€‹On event day we take care of the organising from start to finish and you can relax and enjoy, and watch as you release the potential in your staff.