Corporate Team Building Murder Mystery

A corporate team building murder mystery by Invitation2Murder is a completely different way to get your team to bond. With thrilling plots, suspenseful twists, and interactive puzzles, our adventures redefine teamwork. In fact, it’s not just team building, it’s corporate sleuthing at its finest!

The daring world of Invitation 2 Murder Ltd, is where team building transcends the ordinary and delves into the extraordinary!

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A team building murder mystery activity can enhance communication, promote creativity, and foster a greater sense of trust among team members. It can be an excellent opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, which can help create a more balanced and effective team. In turn, this can result in increased collaboration and innovative ideas, leading to better performance and higher productivity.

โ€‹If you’re looking to enhance teamwork and collaboration within your organisation, consider one of our corporate team building murder mystery events.

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Get ready to collaborate, investigate, and unearth clues as you unravel mysteries and forge bonds that defy the ordinary.


3 Hours


Choose from a range of plots, spanning from Medieval to Modern Day


From ยฃ1,500 (up to 80 people)

Choose from One of Our Award Winning Team Building Murder Mystery Plots

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