Had a fantastic night, a great plot, brilliant cast that stayed in character all night. Can’t wait to book the next one. Best of all we solved the Murder Mystery at Barton Seagrave. Well done to all involved.
ES, Barton Seagrave

Brilliant. Midsomer Murders, eat your heart out!!

JM, Barton Seagrave

​I can’t believe how popular your murder mystery events were. Whilst we are only a small establishment, they sold out so quickly and the feedback from the guests was 100% positive. I was also very impressed with your professionalism,  and the time you spent guiding me through the process of hosting events. We will certainly be booking you again for events.

Andrea - The Old Barn, Wadenhoe

“I recently attended one of your murder mysteries and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Great fun and very intriguing from start to finish.”

HW, Olney

“Great night out, lots of fun and something different. Good and friendly actors, very professional and kept me guessing!”

JH, Buntingford

“The mixing of the actors during dinner between tables and the interaction ‘in character’ made this a much more immersive experience than others I have been to.”

IH, Buntingford

“Highly entertaining. Well done on not breaking character or corpsing”

MB, Leicester

“A fun packed, suspenseful, and intriguing experience full of plot twists and red herrings.  Had me guessing and hunting for clues all evening. An immersive fun and thought provoking experience enjoyed by all”

RW, Ware