“The Abbey” beckons you to embark on a suspenseful and thrilling mystery evening led by Nick Crossley, who is determined to challenge the rumoured curse surrounding the derelict local Abbey. Organizing an expedition with colleagues to stay at the eerie site, they aim to debunk the supernatural claims that have haunted the Abbey for generations. Yet, as inexplicable and eerie events begin to unfold, doubts arise, and the line between myth and reality blurs. Your mission is to uncover the truth in this gripping adventure.

Your role as a participant is to investigate the supernatural claims, analyse the evidence, and determine whether the curse is a mere myth or if there is genuine malevolence lurking within the Abbey’s walls. Every eerie event and cryptic clue brings you closer to the truth as you navigate the chilling and suspenseful adventure.

“The Abbey” offers an immersive murder mystery experience that challenges your deductive skills and your ability to confront the unknown. It immerses you in a world where folklore and fear collide and where the line between myth and reality is blurred. Can you decipher the secrets hidden within the Abbey’s haunted history and uncover the chilling truth behind the curse? The fate of the expedition and the lives of those involved hang in the balance, and it’s up to you to unveil the secrets that lie within the shadows.