“Murder, Actually” immerses you in a thrilling and suspenseful mystery evening where the line between fiction and reality blurs. Actors and staff from the Rom Com film “Last Dance in Paris” find themselves plunged into a real-life horror story when a notorious serial killer begins targeting them. As the survivors seek refuge in a hotel, they must band together while the police race against time to apprehend the elusive murderer. Your task is to unveil the killer’s identity before more lives are claimed in this high-stakes event.

The setting is rife with tension and paranoia as the survivors grapple with the realization that they are being pursued by a serial killer. Trust is a rare commodity, and every individual becomes both a potential ally and a suspect.

As the night unfolds, you’ll uncover a web of secrets, rivalries, and hidden motives among the survivors. Each revelation brings you closer to identifying the ruthless killer who lurks among them.

Your role as a participant is to investigate the hidden motives, analyse the evidence, and work with others to identify the murderer before it’s too late. Every interaction and clue provide a piece of the puzzle as you navigate the perilous situation in the hotel.

“Murder, Actually” offers an immersive murder mystery experience that challenges your deductive skills and ability to unravel the truth. It plunges you into a world where the boundaries between fiction and reality are dangerously blurred. Can you decipher the killer’s identity and ensure the survivors’ safety in this suspenseful and gripping event? The fate of those trapped in the hotel hangs in the balance, and the truth must be uncovered to bring the nightmare to an end.