MacDeath” offers a tantalizing and intellectually stimulating murder mystery evening that delves into the world of literary intrigue and treacherous ambition. Professor Whittingham has gathered a select group to unveil the newly discovered sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, titled “The Curse of the Crown.” However, as the pages of this hidden literary gem are about to be revealed, hidden objections and potentially lethal intentions come to light.

The setting is a literary soirรฉe filled with anticipation and curiosity. As you engage with fellow participants, you’ll quickly discover that not everyone is enthusiastic about the public release of this newfound literary treasure. Jealousies, rivalries, and ulterior motives bubble beneath the surface.

As the reading commences, tensions escalate, and a shocking murder occurs, sending shockwaves through the gathering. It becomes evident that someone is vehemently opposed to the sequel’s public unveiling and might resort to murder to prevent it.

Your role as a participant is to uncover the web of secrets, discern the motives, and identify the person responsible for the heinous act. Every conversation and piece of evidence provides a clue as you navigate the world of literary intrigue and power struggles.

“MacDeath” offers an immersive murder mystery experience that challenges your detective skills and ability to unravel the truth. It immerses you in a world where literature and ambition collide, where the desire for fame and recognition can lead to deadly consequences. Can you decipher the hidden motives and ensure that “The Curse of the Crown” sees the light of day, despite those who would kill to prevent it? The fate of Shakespearean literature rests in your hands, and the truth must be uncovered.