The Pay Out

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26 April, 2024

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Norwood Park Halam Road Southwell Nottinghamshire NG25 0PF England

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3 Course Meal & The Show

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This Evening's Plot

"The Pay Out" invites you to step into a world of opulence, jealousy, and simmering ambitions as Alan Freemantle celebrates his newfound wealth with a grand party. Amidst the lavish setting, jealousy and envy smoulder among those who covet their own desires. It's a gripping mystery evening that challenges you to unveil the dark intentions and sinister actions some would take to claim what they want, exposing the depths of greed and ambition lurking beneath the surface.

As you mingle with the guests, you'll quickly discern that Alan Freemantle's wealth has drawn a crowd of individuals with their own motives and agendas. The air is thick with tension as rivalries and hidden desires come to the fore.

The evening takes a dark turn when a shocking event occurs, revealing that some are willing to go to great lengths to secure their desires, even if it means crossing moral boundaries. Your role as a participant is to investigate the hidden intentions, analyse the evidence, and identify those responsible for the sinister actions.

"The Pay Out" offers an immersive murder mystery experience that challenges your deductive skills and ability to navigate a world where ambition and greed lead to treacherous consequences. Can you decipher the dark intentions and ensure that justice prevails in this gripping event? The fate of Alan Freemantle's fortune and the truth behind the sinister actions hang in the balance, and it's up to you to uncover the secrets lurking beneath the veneer of wealth and luxury.

Black tie event, present day

Any size group or party welcome.
Our tables seat 8 – 10 so smaller groups may be sat together .
Groups larger than 10 please let us know so we can arrange tables together for you.
Actors will be moving around the tables and one may join your table during the meal.
No actor will carry information or evidence on their person, in their clothing, bags or pockets.
Loud talking or shouting during the event may spoil it for others and you may miss key clues.

Advisory U18s : There may be adult themes discussed and scenes of horror not suitable for younger children

The performance commences at 7:30pm
The event will end between 10:00 and 10:30pm
3 Course Dinner Included


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