“Reunion at St. Erasmus” immerses you in an intriguing and mysterious event that marks the 200th Anniversary of the prestigious St. Erasmus school. Despite a temporary closure for restoration, Head Teacher Sir Roland Winterbottom orchestrates a reunion at the hallowed institution. However, beneath the grandeur and nostalgia, hidden resentments among former students’ simmer, and sinister plans for revenge unfold. Your task is to uncover the dark secrets that have festered within this illustrious institution.

As you step onto the grounds of St. Erasmus, you’ll be surrounded by the aura of tradition and excellence that has defined the school for two centuries. The guests are a mix of former students, each harbouring their own memories and grudges from their time at the institution.

The evening takes a dramatic turn as old wounds resurface, and long-held grudges come to light. The atmosphere becomes charged with tension as you delve into the hidden resentments and revenge plots that threaten to unravel the prestigious legacy of St. Erasmus.

Your role as a participant is to investigate the hidden motives, decipher the clues, and identify those responsible for the sinister plans. Every interaction and revelation offers a piece of the puzzle as you navigate the complex web of relationships and secrets that have plagued this institution.

“Reunion at St. Erasmus” offers an immersive murder mystery experience that challenges your deductive skills and ability to unveil the truth. It immerses you in a world where the weight of history and tradition is marred by the shadows of betrayal and vengeance. Can you uncover the dark secrets that have tarnished the legacy of St. Erasmus and ensure that justice is served at this intriguing event? The fate of the institution and the truth behind its illustrious history are at stake, and it’s up to you to uncover the secrets that have festered for generations.