Lord Bartholomew’s Butler invites you to step into the opulent world of 1920s aristocracy, where elegance and extravagance are overshadowed by an ominous mystery. At the heart of this enigma is the enigmatic butler of Lord Bartholomew, a man of impeccable poise and knowledge, whose shadowy past has ignited curiosity and suspicion among the guests.

As the night unfolds, intrigue and suspicion pervade the gathering. Each guest guards their own secrets, while whispers of hidden truths and betrayals fill the air. Lord Bartholomew’s butler holds the key to unravelling these mysteries, his knowledge a tantalizing temptation that few can resist.

Amid the clinking of champagne glasses and the murmur of secrets, tensions escalate, and a shocking murder sends shockwaves through the extravagant estate. The question looms: Was it a desperate act to protect a hidden truth, or is there more to the butler than meets the eye?

Guests are drawn into a web of deceit and treachery, where every gesture, every word, hides a deeper meaning. It becomes a race against time to uncover the dark secrets before more lives are claimed by the sinister shadows of the past.

“Lord Bartholomew’s Butler”, is a thrilling murder mystery evening that immerses participants in the glamour and intrigue of the Roaring Twenties. It challenges their deductive skills and tests their ability to navigate a world where loyalty and betrayal intertwine, promising an unforgettable night of suspense and revelation. Will you be the one to unlock the truth and solve the mystery that shrouds Lord Bartholomew’s butler?