“Live and Let Spy” transports participants into the heart of espionage and intrigue, where the world of secret agents and covert operations takes centre stage. In this thrilling murder mystery evening, you find yourself amidst a web of government secrets and Cold War tension.
The plot revolves around Archibald Wearing, a high-ranking official with connections to the inner circle of the government. He’s poised to receive a prestigious award, but the nature of his work remains a closely guarded secret, fuelling suspicions of Soviet infiltration and espionage.

As you step into this world of shadows and deception, you’ll encounter a cast of characters with their own hidden agendas and alliances. Trust is in short supply, and every word, every gesture, could be a clue or a trap. The atmosphere is charged with intrigue as you navigate through a complex network of secrets.

As the evening unfolds, the stakes rise dramatically. A shocking murder takes place, threatening to expose not only the truth about Archibald Wearing’s mysterious work but also the potential traitors in the midst of the government. Your mission, as a participant, is to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

“Live and Let Spy” offers an immersive experience that challenges your deductive skills and ability to unravel a high-stakes espionage mystery. The tension and suspense of the Cold War era come to life as you work to identify the culprits and expose the secrets hidden within the government’s inner circle. Can you decipher the codes, uncover the moles, and save the day in this gripping espionage-themed event? The fate of the nation may rest in your hands.